Michael Anthony Lopez [Portraits]

Michael is the first person I met in Santa Barbara. We met at orientation the summer before our freshmen year and stayed friends throughout all of college. For four years we sat in class together, drew cartoons during 3 hour Film Theory lectures, talked about life at 3 AM in the 24-hour study room, had mini-panic attacks before finals (haha, Michael had a historic panic attack during a final our freshmen year, but I won’t go into detail….), and constantly bounced crazy film ideas off of each other. It’s only fitting that after graduation Michael moved to Hollywood to make it big in the film industry. Everyone knows how tough it is to break into the bizz, but if anyone I know is going to make it, it’s going to be him. Aside from his many talents as a screenwriter, artist, director, actor, fashion designer, animator, and now model, he has way too much drive and passion to not be a huge success. Now, I’m just counting down the days until I see his name in lights.

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