Phil + Deanne [Sneak Peek]

As a photographer there are certain things you have control of.  You can control your camera settings.  You can pick a clever location.  You can even have some inventive poses up your sleeve, and these things really help.  But some things you can’t take credit for.  Like when God shows up and shows off, peeling back the clouds and brilliantly lighting up the landscape, creating an unbelievable backdrop.  Or like when the couple you have been blessed to work with is so in love it permeates through every shot.  Their joy and excitement and passion can’t help but be captured in every photo you take.  No, these things you can’t take credit for, you can only just stop and take a moment to be thankful.

I honestly can’t tell you how many times I had to stop Phil and Deanne in the middle of this shoot to tell them how ecstatic  I was about their photos. There are times in a photographer’s life when everything comes together to make that perfect shot you can only dream about, and this was one of those moments.  Gosh, I love my job.

Oh, and there’s way more where this came from, so stay tuned for the full blog post soon!!

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