The Yeager Family | Cambria Portrait Session

One of my favorite things about photography is the relationships I get to build with  my clients. Getting to capture some of life’s special moments for someone is an instant bonding experience!  On rare occasions though, I’m honored with the opportunity to take photos for some of the most special people in my life, friends so close they are family.  That pretty much sums up my relationship with the Yeagers. I have known Karissa since we were goofy sixth graders (at least we grew out of the sixth grade part!) and I have known her husband Jake since before he was her husband and was just that cute guy on the baseball field.  So a little over a year ago when they asked me to meet them in beautiful Cambria, California to take their maternity photos, I jumped at the opportunity.  But as great as those photos were, (check them out here!) we were all just looking forward to the next photo shoot on the horizon – Brielle June Yeager, you were worth the wait!  Seeing my friends with their stunning daughter warmed my heart more then I could ever put into words.  The love they have for her is endless and impossible not to capture.  Brielle’s face lights up for them in a way it only could for such wonderful parents.  God even shined his blessing on us, holding back rain clouds and providing an endless field of wild flowers – but that’s no surprise considering Brielle is a miracle baby! (if you don’t know her story please read this amazing blog by her mom!).  Really though, I couldn’t have been happier to revisit Cambria and snap more photos of this gorgeous family!  I am so lucky to have these three in my life and can’t wait to see what their future holds.

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