Aaron | Coalinga Senior Portrait Session

I’ve known Aaron for over half his life so it was extra special getting to take his senior photos a couple of weeks ago! He plays baseball at Coalinga High (my alma mater, whoo!), so we spent the afternoon cruising the halls of CHS and running around the baseball field. It’s always a blast revisiting your old stomping grounds and seeing how much has changed over the years. I could go on and on about our afternoon together, but it really all comes down to this – Aaron is an awesome guy, a rockstar athlete, and he has a killer smile! Hope you enjoy the photos!

BDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-2Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron1Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-7Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-11Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-8Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron3Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-5Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron4Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-13Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron6aPin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-18Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-15Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron5Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-20Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-23Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-31Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron7Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-26Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-28Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron8Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-30Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-35Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-37Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-38Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-39Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron9Pin itBDP_Portrait_Coalinga_Aaron-36Pin it



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